Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last weekend, between the blizzard, Colorado Gold Rush and Tami's visit is a big, pleasant blur right now. Many noteworthy things happened. Here is one I think is cool. It seems that whenever Tami and I go out to have fun, something happens. When we went to the Oregon coast, within the first hour I buried the front axle of my car in the sand on the beach!

Sunday, we took a scenic drive up the Big Thompson canyon to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and shop in the town of Estes Park. Sure enough, I get pulled over by the Colorado Highway Patrol on the drive up the canyon for slightly exceeding the speed limit. But really, since when is 53 in a 45 illegal?

Well, Tami and I were gabbing away and drinking coffee and I was in such a good mood I wasn't going to let the officer ruin our day. I was going to use plan A, be super nice...and plea "guilty as charged". Tami also volunteered that she was distracting me with idle conversation. The kind officer was really very polite, asked for license, proof of insurance and registration. I couldn't find my registration but he was OK to use the VIN number on the insurance card to verify that I was not a car thief. Of course, there is was that minor problem of the wrong name, picture and gender marker on the license. I told him I was a transsexual woman when I handed him the license and he didn't even blink an eye. Then he uttered those magic words, "sit tight while I take your documents back to the patrol car to write you a..."
WARNING! (for speeding and not having an update address on my license)

I finally, just looked at the warning today. I was endlessly pleased with the gender marker ;)
It seems when Tami is around, I am always getting into and out of trouble!

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