Thursday, January 29, 2015

Holy Cow, I haven't blogged in five years and one week, but who's counting? I probably would just forget this place, except that for some reason or another, 23 people found there way here just last month, so I guess I should catch things up a bit...
Where to start...

  • I live near Boston, Massachusetts now. I had to learn to spell "Massachusetts"... not too hard since I have lived in Cincinnati and Albuquerque, other hard places to spell. 
  • I am with my third different employer, once by layoff, once by choice. In that time I have had a multitude of different managers for various reasons: illness, layoff, retirement, etc. I left Loveland, Colorado after the 2008 layoff and stayed in Fort Collins until I found an hourly consulting gig in Lakewood, CO. While working there I lived in Golden, CO. Rapidly going nowhere in that job, I set my sail and wound up here in Boston. I'm still not sure if the sails are luffing or not.
  • I am having more fun that ever with music...playing a series of open mic's in the area and getting more serious about songwriting and home recording. I've littered the internet with my efforts, including music sites on SoundCloud and ReverbNation. Search either of these sites under "CiCi Eberle" to hear some of my stuff.
I'll write more later, but there is a lot of ground to cover for my 5 year lapse. A lot of what I have to say these days is encoded in song lyrics...
For Now,

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