Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Out There

The world of social networking has made coming out quite a broad and interesting process. Between MySpace, FaceBook and LinkedIn, I have contact with cohorts from elementary school, high school, college(s), old workplaces(2), current workplace, current groups(CYNOVA, PFLAG, Lambda Center) and more.

I model coming out in terms of concentric rings. This process really started over 4 years ago. Here is a rough order of the circles from center to the outer rings:
1) Self, Partner, Kids, Parents, In-Laws, oldest/bestest friends
2) Workplace, organizations, in-town, local, old work colleagues, old neighbors, current neighbors
3) Geographically distant contacts: Classmates (K-12-Colleges), remote old work colleagues

I am finally updating all of my social networking sites and need a way share a communication with those people that I can't contact personally...Hence, I think I'll be posting a Hey, Old Friends blog here and directing them to it.

1 comment:

  1. I recently posted a blog about Facebook and the Networked Blogs app, as well as mentioning once or twice (in other entries) how I got ahold of some old high school... hmm, well, I wouldn't call them friends... more like fiends, hehe. They're friends now, or at least act that way. :)

    I like your model. It seems like you have things planned out well. Best of luck to you. :)